We craft digital experiences for businesses and their customers

We provide high-quality software development and digital services.

Who we are

Norus Technologies is a software development and consulting company focused on creating modern technologies for startups and small businesses. We help teams to utilize digital tools to craft business processes, shift culture, and curate amazing customer experiences.

What we do

  • MVP Development

    We provide software development for startups and businesses looking to build and launch new products

  • Product Development

    We develop and deploy world-class software and digital solutions for organisations by creating new products or improving existing systems.

  • Developer Staffing/Support

    We provide organizations with world-class technical talent to join their teams for projects. Our developer support provides speed, flexibility and efficiency to your organization

MVP Development


Product Development


Developer Staffing/Support


Clients that trust us

We work alongside organizations and teams across different industries to build systems and solutions using modern technologies.

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