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Doula Connect Web App

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The Iowa Black Doula Collective (IBDC) was established to provide access to doula support and education for diverse families in Iowa, promoting holistic and evidence-based care. Founded by three certified doulas of color, the IBDC addresses the critical reproductive health needs of Black birthing individuals facing disproportionate complications. By offering education, consultation, and one-on-one services, the collective has supported over 110 women and families. With the growing demand for doula services, the IBDC aims to continue providing comprehensive support and seeks community assistance to further its mission.


  • Profile Creation and Search Functionality
  • Custom Forms & Form Submissions
  • Custom Matching System
  • Automated Email Alerts & Communication Management
  • User Management
  • Reporting
  • Badge Assignment

Platform Overview

Doula Connect sets out to revolutionize the way parents access doula support through a user-friendly web application. Norus Technologies embarked on developing a robust platform that seamlessly connects parents with professional doulas. Our team developed a custom matching system, ensuring that expectant mothers are paired with the right doula for them. Our team designed the application to offer comprehensive profiles and search functionalities, providing personalized support throughout the pregnancy journey.

The application includes automated email alerts, comprehensive profiles, and efficient search functionalities, providing continuous support throughout the pregnancy journey. Doula Connect prioritizes data privacy, regulatory compliance, accessibility, and quality assurance, offering a reliable and responsive solution across various devices. By integrating resources and streamlined communication, Doula Connect redefines the landscape of doula support, empowering parents with essential knowledge and personalized care.


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