Sitescribe Web App

AI-powered website brief generator for non profits

Sitescribe Web App

Crafting your web vision, one brief at a time.

Platform Overview

SiteScribe delivers a comprehensive website plan tailored to each non-profit’s unique needs and objectives. The AI-powered platform analyzes the organization’s goals, target audience, and other inputs to produce customized recommendations across six critical areas: Website Structure, providing a detailed outline of necessary pages; Website Objectives, offering a clear articulation of website goals; Design Direction, suggesting design elements aligned with the non-profit’s mission; Features and Integrations, highlighting essential functionalities and tools to incorporate; Hosting Recommendations, identifying the best hosting options for reliability and performance; and Maintenance Considerations, offering guidelines for ongoing site management and optimization.


  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) Brief Generator
  • Customized AI Form
  • PDF Generation
  • Custom Calendar Embed


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