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Project Overview


To develop a visually appealing, user-friendly website that offers seamless navigation and clear calls to action. This platform aims to simplify the sign-up process for parents and caregivers, showcasing the organization's services and products effectively. Additionally, it should serve as a comprehensive information and resource hub for parents and caregivers. The website will also facilitate data collection of potential students via a waitlist form.


By creating a custom website for La Piñata Del Aprendizaje, the program stands to gain significant benefits that contribute to its growth and overall success including:

Project Overview


La Piñata Del Aprendizaje


6 Weeks

Team Size

3 persons

The Client

La Piñata Del Aprendizaje, or simply La Piñata,is an early childhood education program that focuses on supporting the comprehensive development of young children from infancy to 5 years old. The program uses the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) as one of its main tools to assess the developmental progress of children and track their progress over time. The services offered are geared towards assisting child development in the areas of communication, fine motor, gross motor, socialization, problem-solving, and independence skills. This holistic approach allows the program to help children develop the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills that are essential for success in school and in life.

The Challenge

La Piñata is an early childhood education program that serves children from the ages of zero to five years old in the state of Colorado. Despite its innovative approach and potential benefits, La Piñata initially lacked a website or web presence, making it challenging for parents and families to access information about the program. Without an online platform, potential participants may have faced difficulties discovering the program’s offerings, objectives, and enrollment procedures.

This lack of digital presence hindered the program’s reach, as a website serves as a crucial communication tool for organizations to connect with their target audience, provide updates, and share essential resources.

The Approach

To solve the challenges several key steps were taken to ensure an optimal outcome was achieved. These steps included design and discovery, planning, development, and deployment.

Design and Discovery:

The first phase of the project is design and discovery. During this phase, we worked closely with the client to gather requirements, understand their objectives and goals, and identify the key features and functionalities that will be required for the web platform. We conducted stakeholder interviews, and user research to understand user needs and workflows. From that, we created wireframes and mock-ups of the platform to help the client visualize the final product.


Once the design and discovery phase was complete, we consulted and worked with the client to plan and prioritize the development of the web platform. This phase includes creating detailed project plans, identifying the resources needed for the project, and determining the timelines for delivery.


During this phase our team of developers designed, built, and tested the web platform. We worked in 2 week sprints with regular demos to ensure the client got to consistently provide feedback and review the progress of the product.


During this phase, we worked with the client to deploy the web platform to a production environment, and provided training and support to ensure that the client was able to effectively use and maintain the platform. This includes data migration, configuring hosting, and making sure the platform is stable.

The Solution

To address this challenge, La Piñata Del Aprendizaje partnered with Norus Technologies to create a website that could serve as a platform for parents and families to access information about the program. The website was designed to be user-friendly, informative, and engaging, with clear calls to action and a responsive design that could be accessed on any device.

It showcases the program’s innovative approach to early childhood education, with a focus on the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) tool that is used to assess children’s developmental progress. The website also included detailed information about the program’s objectives, enrollment procedures, and resources for parents and families.

La Piñata Del Aprendizaje is now able to reach a wider audience and provide valuable information to parents and families about its early childhood education program. The website serves as a crucial communication tool for the organization, connecting with its target audience, providing updates, and sharing essential resources. It also establishes La Piñata Del as a leader in early childhood education, positioning it for continued growth and success in the future.


Overall, creating a custom website for La Piñata Del Aprendizaje helped to position the program for long-term success by increasing its visibility, accessibility, credibility, and brand recognition.

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