EMR Platform

Custom Electronic Medical Records platform for women’s health services

EMR Platform


Winchester Gynae is a gynecologist providing a range of women’s health services. Their mission is to deliver high-quality, accessible, and compassionate healthcare to their patients. Winchester Gynae aimed to upgrade their existing system to modernize both the features and the overall look and feel of the platform.


  • Patient Records
  • Patient Docket Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Visit History Tracking
  • Document Upload & Management
  • Pregnancy Tracking Forms
  • Clinical Notes
  • Document Annotation
  • Auditing

Platform Overview

Norus Technologies partnered with Winchester Gynae to upgrade and modernize their existing healthcare platform. The project focused on enhancing the platform’s capabilities for managing patient records, appointments, clinical notes, and more, while also providing a refreshed, user-friendly interface. The updated platform was meticulously planned and executed to ensure all critical functionalities were implemented effectively, supporting Winchester Gynae’s mission of delivering high-quality healthcare.


6 Months


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